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  • Child Friendly Tour
  • Limited Time: October Tour

Spirits of Raleigh Mini-Food Day Tour

Quick Details

Adult Spirits of Raleigh Day 15 & over
Child Spirts of Raleigh Day 14 & under

Raleigh’s past best stories

Downtown Raleigh is host to a number of landmarks and historic spots -some that have a dark side.

Every wondered about All Hallow’s Eve , Dia De Los Muertos, and how superstitions got started? After the tour…. you’ll wonder no more!

Explore two of the cities oldest cemeteries and learn about their inhabitants in a unique way. Visit an old hospital with an extraordinary history.

You’ll hear stories of Raleigh’s past, a plague of yellow fever, an encounter a mysterious tale of the City of Oaks’ name sake and much more.

Come prepared for hands-on activities for all ages.

Costumes are welcome on Oct 30 and 31st.

Enjoy food and drink from two of Raleigh’s local, unique downtown establishments.

The dark side of Raleigh has never tasted so good!

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