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Spirits of Raleigh Dark Tour + Drinks

Quick Details

Adult Ages 21+ (Bring ID)
Non-Alcohol Price Non-Drinking Adult/Under 21.

Surprise character to lead the tour!

Be transported back in time into the world of dark history, ghostly aberrations and happenings.

We’ll start out at the Oakwood Cemetery and visit a few graves of characters you never knew where buried there. You’ll have a chance to explore the for a short time cemetery with a hands-on activity.

It’s an easy walk to visit our next two sites: a closed hospital with an extraordinary history and a famous Oakwood home decked out with Halloween decorations.

Along the way we’ll recount stories of centuries past like the brutal death of one the world’s most notorious pirates. You’ll hear stories of Raleigh’s past, a plague of yellow fever, an encounter a mysterious tale of the City of Oaks name’s sake and much more.

What did the Victorian’s think of death? Where were bodies buried in Raleigh in the1700 and 1800s… you’ll find out when we explore the city’s oldest cemetery and learn about the inhabitants in a unique way.

As we stroll through the downtown streets we’ll be on the lookout for spirits, orbs and conduits during the tour. Every wondered about All Hallow’s Eve, Dia De Los Muertos, and how superstitions got started? After the tour…. you’ll wonder no more!

Bring a small flashlight.

Guests will have a chance to stop halfway through tour for drink and a bathroom break.

Wear comfortable walking shoes or you’ll be Dead on your Feet! Route is only 1.9-2.1 miles max. Easy Walk. Mostly even pavement.

The dark side of Raleigh has never tasted so good! Two drinks and swag included.

Non-alcohol drink option.

  • Costumes welcome Halloween weekend.
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